Fishing For V- Scholarship Surfcasting Tournament

September 26, 2020 all-day

Last summer our little island of Nantucket lost one of its own. Vitali was one of the most generous and charismatic people many of us have met. When Vitali unexpectedly passed away while kayaking, this community came together in ways never seen before. As a legacy, Vitali has left his passion for the outdoors. Fishing and Hunting were two things he absolutely adored and took very seriously! He was also very caring of this community and he was always eager to help those in need! He always made time to lend a hand whenever he thought his presence would be helpful!
We have decided to honor him and his legacy by doing the Fishing for V – Surfcasters Tournament again this year.
We had an amazing turn out last year, we raised almost 4k! All the revenue will benefit the children of Nantucket that are interested in fishing and/or hunting. We teamed up with the Nantucket Community School last Fall and developed a “Fishing & Hunting – Methods and Ethics” class. Other ideas are developing, always with the set goal of presenting options and ways for kids to experience the outdoors and providing healthy and safe hobbies to the kids of our community.

The fishing tournament will start at 6pm on Saturday, September 26th and end Sunday, September 27nd at 8am.
We are adopting Adam Fasci’s
ideas for this tournament , he was the organizer last year and it went great They are as follows: The idea is to put the best of the best against each other on the beach for a one night, beach only fishing, striped bass tournament.

In today’s day in age we all have tape measures and smart phones, so we will do this on an honor system idea. If you catch a fish, take a picture (It’ll have a time stamp) and in doing so do it next to a tape measure so we can see how big it is. Longest Fish will win. “

The tournament entry fee will be $40. Every dollar raised will go directly to this scholarship fund. Prizes will be based on donations, we have some prizes lined up already and will update this info closer to the date of the tournament .

We will have a pre-tournament meeting at 5pm on the 26st (day of tournament) at Cisco beach to share a beverage (BYOB) and talk about pre-tournament strategy and also catch up with old friends. It is not necessary to be present at this meeting, we will practice safe distancing but if anyone is not comfortable with that just sign up at our designated locations. We will also update sign up info closer to the date of the tournament.
There will be a prize ceremony on the 27th, at 9 am!

The only rules are as follows.

Take a picture of a fish between 6pm and 8am

Make sure you’re standing on a beach that is on Nantucket, No boats or swimming to places.

Have fun, It’s for a good cause.

For safety sake while fishing at night, please use a buddy system. If by any chance you don’t have a fishing buddy, feel free to talk to the guys and girls who have signed up at the pre tourney meeting. I’m sure we can all figure something out

If you have any questions or ideas for donations you can call Teresa (5083320060)) or message me here on Facebook

Thank you, and most of all have fun and be safe