MMA Celebrates International Observe the Moon Night

Maria Mitchell | Nantucket, MA
September 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

In honor of International Observe the Moon Night (September 26), the Maria Mitchell Association Astronomy Department will host a virtual Moon-themed event over Zoom on Monday September 28. Join them for a discussion of historical Moon observations and participate in a Moon-trivia game. Head outside, look skyward, and observe the Moon for yourself. Draw what you see and share your creation with everyone over zoom on the 28th.

If you have binoculars, try using them to observe the Moon and discover more detail. Make a Moon map – sketch what you see!
Create some Moon artwork. Try using crayons, pencils, paint, paper plates, cookies, collage, paper mâché, or something else!
Use your imagination to find faces or animals in the patterns on the Moon and draw them