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Foraging 101 with Sean: Fungi Crash Course

NOTE: Registration is required: Limited Seating. AGES 18 and UP

Have you ever wanted to learn how to live off the land, what was safe to eat and what ISN’T? Have you wondered if the plants and fungi growing around you had any uses? Wanted to explore new food options or looking to become more sustainable and give back to your ecosystem? Join local Nantucketer, Sean Allen, as we offer a crash course on methods for safely foraging for wild sourced foods from native and invasive species on the island.

In this Workshop we’ll be exploring the fascinating world of Fungi! Have you ever seen a mushroom growing on a tree? or in patches from the ground after a big rainstorm? What are these strange things? Are they poisonous? Delicious? Medicinal? The answer is far from simple…Unlike plants, fungi and mushrooms tend to put off a lot of folks due to their mysterious and complex nature. This workshop will take you through a brief introduction into understanding and identifying fungi, their roles in our ecosystems good bad and otherwise and how to recognize some species that are suitable for the table and some that you should definitely avoid.


May 18 2024


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Nantucket Atheneum
Nantucket Atheneum
1 India St, Nantucket, MA