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Lecture: Ana Ericksen |Lecture: Ana Ericksen | ACKace Illustrations

Ericksen’s work cleverly engages Nantucket culture and community, striving for friendly and charming images that create a bond with her audience. This talk will look at the work Ericksen does to cultivate her audience and her bond with them, as well as her creative process and the decisions that go into each of her drawings.

After graduating from Wellesley College, Ana Ericksen worked at Country Living Magazine as their Crafts Editor and did many illustrations for them. During COVID, Ericksen began publishing a comic on Instagram every day. These drawings started as a thank you to the Nantucket community for its efforts to keep things running smoothly. Following @ackace on Instagram remains the best way to find her work. Additionally, @daybreaknantucket publishes one of Ericksen’s comics every Saturday, and she is currently working with the Maria Mitchell Association on a children’s story.


May 08 2024


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Nantucket Whaling Museum
13 Broad St