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Sips and Sweets: Floral Desserts and Wine Pairings

“Sips and Sweets,” promises an afternoon of botanical patisserie with a local pastry chef from PPX . Our sommelier will expertly pair wines with prepared desserts. Set in the charming ambiance of The Nantucket Culinary Center, this culinary adventure allows for an evening of delightful surprises with floral-infused desserts and perfectly paired wines.

Experience the magic as our talented pastry chef demonstrates the art of infusing delicate florals into an array of delectable sweets. From the subtle hints of rose to aromatic notes of lavender, each dessert will be a delightful revelation in flavor and presentation. As you witness the creative process, you’ll gather inspiration and tips to elevate your own dessert-making skills.

Complementing these divine creations is the sommelier, who will expertly guide you through a selection of wines chosen to enhance the floral notes and nuances of the desserts. With their deep understanding of aromas and taste profiles, they will take you on a tasting journey, showcasing how each wine perfectly complements the sweetness and complexity of the desserts.

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Jul 25 2024


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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The Culinary Center
22 Federal Street